Friday, August 27, 2010

My Last Week as a Mom!

After 21 years of mothering...I have only TWO days left!
Hubby and I take our youngest child to college on Sunday
which happens to be our eldest's 21st birthday.

I know...I know...mothering is forever.
I'm talking about the every day kind that all parents understand.

I remember way back when we had a newborn and a two-year-old.

I wondered if we would ever sleep again.

Everyday tasks seemed monumental.

One morning, I hired the three-year-old to babysit the one-year old while I took a QUICK shower.
This is what I found when I returned ten minutes later:

"Mom, he was hungry," the babysitter reported.
Nothing like grazing off the family room floor,
dust bunnies and all.
Of course, I ran to get my camera.
Isn't this cute?? I thought.

Yet, I think I spent the next twenty years crouched on the floor cleaning up after them.

Piled with responsibility...

Hubby and I wondered how we'd ever get them big,
then watched in wonder as it happened right before our eyes.
(Hey, this may be the first "piling" pic! Maybe we TAUGHT them how to pile!)

The parenting and chaos continued right through this LAST week.
I was still washing and folding mountains of laundry and picking grass out of my washer...
I continued to trip over shoes by the garage door, etc...etc...etc...

I also lovingly cooked up Mark's favorite meals.
Here he is eating his beloved flank steak and smashed potatoes.

Lindsay came home from college to celebrate her birthday.

Of course, the kids were hanging on each other...

Beating on each other...

And, yes, they're STILL piling on each other!

I loved making Lindsay her favorite dinner...Chicken Pinwheels.

When I was walking the trail behind our house this morning, a green John Deere cart zoomed up beside me.

It was Sonny on his last day of his summer job working park maintenance for our township.

I was so proud watching him weed whack around the flower beds.

So THAT'S where all that grass in my washer is coming from!

Hubby and I can't believe the FUN and FRENZY of parenthood is almost over.


It continues right up to the last moments as I check off things we need to get for college.

I know we'll shed a few tears when we say goodbye to both kids this Sunday...

*Sniffle, was all SO FUN!*

Then we'll come home and sleep forever!

We deserve it...