Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Begins

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The snow started falling HEAVY on Tuesday
evening. It wasn't even in the forecast.

I was SOOOO excited because, as you
know from last winter's posts...

This was the tranquil scene out
my front door about 9 pm.

See those three BIG pine trees to the
right in my neighbor's front yard?

Keep an eye on those trees...

This is what I awoke to
Wednesday morning!


I grabbed my camera and
hopped in the car.

I think winter is the prettiest time
of year to shoot photos.

Thinking of

I headed over to my friend's house.

He has this wonderful modern barn built
just a few years ago:

I love all the Barn Charmers...
so, I grabbed a few more barn shots
since we have so many barns near us.

Now...back to those three big pine trees.
I always LOVE those trees laden with snow in the

I can look out my window and enjoy them.

Imagine my dismay at the scene below...
Now there are only TWO trees!!!

I looked out my window mid-day and saw the whopper
tree being hauled away on a big flatbed trailer.


I was SAD!!!

The new owners had told my husband the
trees block their house.

Then we saw it again in this photo
that appeared in our local newspaper.

My neighbor's awesome tree is the
centerpiece of our town's Christmas
Center display for 2011.

This warmed my gets
to stand tall and bring a lot of
Christmas Joy!

Who's been visiting my house?

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