Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 4th of July

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Four year old Zander is my red, white and blue dude this year.

I found that awesome little blue bench at a thrift store
during the winter for just 4-dollars and envisioned this patriotic portrait.

I continued to find accesories...OF COURSE, at the thrift stores.
Those mini quilts hanging from the fence are actually pillow shams
for a dollar each.

Zander was a trooper posing for my holiday vision...

Because he really had his eye on this red airplane...
another thrift store splurge.

Yep, I love to have props to interact with children.

I also like to match outfits with the props.

After photographing lots of girls lately, it was a
delight to get not one...

But TWO little BOYS!

Another wardrobe change for Zander to match Mom
and baby Teegan.

I was so excited to use my baby boy props

And, shoot some infant portraits outside.

I have envisioned this next photo since my
winter crochet frenzy.

I crocheted that little apple hat and was HOPING
a little boy would come along to wear it.

My hubby wants me to mention that he had
to eat mealy red apples for weeks after this shoot!
But they looked pretty in the portrait.

My crochet crazies started when I found a big ball of pink yarn
at a thrift store.  I found a stocking cap pattern online and
started crocheting.

When I was this far along, I held up my work and
had a good chuckle. 

Hubby said it looked like ...ummmm, errrrr...a man sweater...ha hahahahahahaha!!!!

For all you naughty thinkers...this is what
the finished product looked like. (ha ha ha ha ha!!)

That hat led to this hat and a matching diaper cover:

Worn by adorable Ethan.

I was a crocheting FIEND all winter!

I couldn't stop!

I loved when babies arrived to wear my wares.

Baby Ethan was bigger than a bread box at 8 weeks old.
LOVE that ceramic bread box I got at...
you guess it...a thrift store!

I am extremely dyslexic...I even crochet backwards!
I TRY to follow the pattern, but mine never turns out like
the photo.  WHY does mine have such big holes???

(I made a different flower because I couldn't figure out the pattern flower.)

My dyslexia drives me insane.  I always get LOST
while driving.

Yep, my crocheting NEVER matches the pattern.

I always start making up my own extending
the ruffle all the way around the hat.

In this case, I like mine better!

My friend Karen saw my crocheted hats and
gave me this bundle of hats she made with
an antique knitting machine.

I LOVE these

Baby Ethan wore one for a photo:

My mom heard about my crocheting and
she picked up her knitting needles and made
the hats below. 

That's my crocheted apple hat on top!

My cousin's daughter Alexandra posed with one of Mom's hats.

I've stopped the crocheting for the summer.
I'm off for a fun Fourth of July week with family and friends.

Have a wonderful holiday and take LOTS of photos!


Jolly Princess said...

Happy 4th of July, Jill. Great knit wears. I could crochet but I never tried knitting. Way back in my younger years. I took pride when my crocheted projects in school were displayed by my Home Economics teacher on school foundation days.

Jolly Princess said...

Oh, sorry.. those were crocheted not knitted. Your models are sooo cute!:)