Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Sparkly Snow Overlay

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I'm  having fun with snow overlays!
I wanted to go beyond the normal snowy look and
add some SPARKLE!
Create a bit of WHIMSY by taking
this photo:
I used one of my Sparkly Snow Overlays that
I sell in my Snow Overlay Collection below.
But you can get one as a FREEBIE
 To learn how to add the Sparkly Snow Overlay
CLICK HERE  to watch my video tutorial.
I thought this could be a fun project for you to try
during the long, cold winter months.
The overlays also look lovely on Black and White photos.
 From this:

To this:

 The Sparkly Snow Overlay is part of my wonderful, unique
Snow Overlay Collection!
Jill Wellington Photography Snow Overlays
This collection includes 25 of my favorite Snow Overlays
plus 2 bonus haze overlays for an introductory offer of $19.99
Click here to purchase for $19.99

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 This is something I have been wanting to put together for
a long time because so many people ask me where I get my bokeh.
Thanks for your support
so I can continue to share my photography techniques and
offer fun freebies here on my blog!




Rodulfo Veril Jr said...

nice one.......

Marissa Reid said...

This is insanely awesome. Thanks so much!!!

Rhipple said...

Your pictures are really lovely. I love photography, if only I have a camera and a little bit of time. I take photos with my phone :(

Simply Handmade by Lana said...

I really love how your overlays look! Absolutely beautiful!

Just curious if you still have the link available for a free download of your sparkly snow? I see above you said "Here are my FREE sparkle snow overlays." but I cannot actually find the link.


Jill Wellington said...

Hi Lana, The free sparkle overlays in this post are low resolution for use in photos you post online. You can purchase my entire Snow Overlay Collection which includes 25 high resolution snow overlays at the end of this post. Thanks!