Thursday, December 13, 2012

Magic Glitter Trails

Little Isabel is turning four on Christmas Eve
and I wanted her birthday portrait to be special.
So, I added a magic glitter trail!
I simply loaded some
sparkle brushes into Photoshop (You can also use Elements.)
and started stamping them onto a new layer.
I got my free sparkle brushes here.
It was lots of fun!
I had sewn an angel costume for my daughter when she was in
second grade and I still have it.
I created a magic wand by gluing a star Christmas ornament
onto the end of a thin piece of plastic tubing and wrapping it
in gold ribbon.
I took this photo of Isabel in my backyard:
I cloned out the house to the left and the patches of blue sky.
I felt the sparkles would show up better against a dark background.
I mixed a few gold sparkles in and did a slight gaussian blur
on that 3 pixels.
Then I used a soft brush to paint the grass white to look like snow.
I think it gave her an angelic look.
Above, I added some white haze and snow.
I Googled "halo png." to find the halo. 
Then I tried it with my grandniece Fiona in
her Christmas portrait:
I remembered a shoot I did last summer with 2-year-old Genevieve
wearing butterfly wings and holding balloons.
I cloned out the balloons....moved the magic wand from
Isabel's photo to this one and created this:
Then I thought of COLORED sparkles!
Here's a special effect that is fun to try to give that ethereal look:
I learned this technique at Rita's wonderful  CoffeeShop Blog. 
If you don't want to create this yourself,  you can purchase
a magic glitter trail and magic wand overlays in my Etsy Shop!
I hope this inspires you to come up with even more
ideas for using these magic sparkles...
especially at Christmas!


vickilicious said...

For one more time, Jill: WOW!!!! Amazing photos!!!
(P.S. I really like your new design!)

Vanessa said...

Absolutely spectacular photos!So cute!