Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Portraits

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Over the past few weeks, I have photographed some
beautiful babies.
So I want to share the wonder of wee ones,
plus I'll have a little photography tip at the end.
Took me two weeks to knot together that tutu with lots of
lavender fluffies all over our kitchen table and Hubby
saying...what is this stuff???
It was worth it when I saw it on Emma Rose:

My favorite age to shoot is eight months.
That's why I was very excited when Emma arrived.
The 8-month-olds are fun to dress up, plus they
can sit up well and not walk away.
But, Emma was bouncy in this next shot.
You'd never know her grandma was crouching behind
her to make sure the bassinet didn't tip over!

After all the frills of a was refreshing
when ONE-WEEK-OLD baby Cole arrived.
All summer, I have wanted to photograph a newborn
It was a chilly morning...low 60s, so I had
to swaddle him to keep him warm.

He was SOOOOO sweet!

But once the swaddle was removed...he was wide awake.
Those precious newborns are a challenge to photograph.

Miss Josie arrived next and she was eight months, too!
Another joy to photograph and I FINALLY got to use the
gorgeous hand-beaded christening gown that I found at a thrift store
more than a year ago!
I felt it needed to be photographed in a regal chair, so I was
on the lookout for one.
Viola!!!  I found this pink striped chair at a thrift store last week!!!

I fell in love with the chair, except it was someone's discarded
upholstery project.  Only the seat part was completed.
It sat in the thrift store with stuffing stapled to the back and
some fabric draped over it for someone to finish.
Guess who finished it??

I know NOTHING about upholstery, but got to work with
my staple gun. 
Turns out there was not enough fabric to cover this mess in back:
Fortunately, with photography, nobody will ever know. *wink!*
The chair looked very regal with the gorgeous christening gown,
but mostly because Josie is stunning!

Josie was so jovial, she posed in FIVE
different outfits and even wore the hair flowers without
crying once!

I took this one for a Josie Christmas card:

The parents, Megan and Josh are
so blessed with baby Josie!

I like to throw in photography tips whenever possible
because I have learned a ton from other bloggers this way.
I always wear a WHITE top when doing portrait photography.
When I was first learning to edit, I was sharpening eyes on my
daughter and could not figure out why her eyes had hot pink in them.
I zoomed in and realized the hot pink was ME! 
My shirt was reflecting in her eyes.
My white top acts as a reflector and is often
the catch lights or glisten in my subjects' eyes.

Study this sparkly eye up can see me crouched down
taking the shot and the parents in the background...even the
blue sky is reflecting. 
A hot pink top would not be good.

That's my baby love for the month.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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The sunflowers have peaked and my eyes have popped
out over some of the amazing sunflower patches I have seen.
Unfortunately, I hate to go onto someone's property to
take portraits.  So imagine my excitement when I found
a patch of sunflowers at our municipal garden.

Ten year old Madeline was perfect for
modeling with the sunny flowers.

At first, she didn't want to wear my sunflower hair accessory.
But after she put it in her hair, she loved it and
asked if she could wear it on her first day of
fifth grade today.

The municipal garden had other fall flowers
that we couldn't resist.

The fall flowers are great for portraits as
we wait for the leaves to change color.

Also wanted to eek out some last summer portraits
and use this blue chair I just found at a thrift store.

Madeline is a wonderful model!
She has the rare ability to give natural expressions
when not smiling. 

While shooting those portraits in my backyard,
our neighbor, seven year old Meadow joined in the fun.

She is missing her two front teeth and looked pouty
when she tried not to smile too big.
But I WANTED a big toothless smile because
that is her true self at this moment in time.

So, once she was back in her play clothes, I put her
on the blue chair and got her to laugh.

And, that is my favorite portrait of Meadow!
Seeing this photo of my daughter from last fall...
Has me all excited to take fall photos!!
Just starting to see a tinge of color change.