Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Creating Dreamy Winter Portraits

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On my bucket list for portraits I wanted to shoot
this winter was photographing ice skating.
Our friends Bill and Lisa create an ice rink in their back yard and
I was thrilled when it finally froze during this mild winter!
Their daughter Susie was a great model for me.
I was looking for a dreamy look...
But as you can see in this next photo...their yard was
a bit cluttered with a wire fence, boards around the edge of
the rink, and even some Christmas lights strung on the fence.

I started by cloning out the fence, boards and
Christmas lights to get this:
Because I was shooting a moving subject, I used a
deep depth of field (f8 aperature) while shooting to
keep her in focus.
As a result, the cluttery background was in clear focus too...
so in Photoshop (or you can use Elements.)
I blurred the background.
Learn how to do this HERE.
I love this next step.  I use my Winter Haze Overlay
that comes with my Snow Overlay Collection sold below 
I love how the overlay give that misty, wintery,
dreamy look.
I also added one of my Snow Overlalys sold below
I transformed all the skating photos:
And, you can do the same with your winter photos.
Have a WINTER BLAST with this!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving People to New Backgrounds

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I LOVE winter portraits, but we have not had much snow
here in my part of Michigan since New Year's day when I took
these portraits of beautiful Samantha.
I love these, but our grass has been mostly green lately
So I decided to play around in Photoshop and
move Samantha from this photo...
To this photo I took last winter...
and got this:

I moved Lindsay in this photo...
Into this photo...
and got this:
I took Lindsay out of this photo...
And moved her to this pretty scene...
I added text and magic sparkles.  Click on the next photo to enlarge and see it better.
To learn more about adding magic sparkles click here. 

I took Lindsay and Alexis from this shot...
And moved them into this...
And got this:
This is a fun way to use beautiful photos you
took, but didn't have a beautiful model to pose at the time.
There are many tutorials on Youtube showing you how
to move people from one photo to another.
Here's one you can try.  It's a great technique to learn.
Before you add the people to a new background,
add a bit of gausian blur to the new background.
(Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Set between 2 and 5 pixels)
Remove the people from this photo...
Apply a slight gaussian blur to this first:
Add some fake snow.
Learn how HERE
and get this:

Feel free to use my snow backgrounds as practice,
or try this with photos from every season.
I always run an action to meld everything together
and make it look more believable.
If you don't know what actions are
where she shares some for free and tells you how to use them.
BLESS people who share!!!
This technique will provide you with endless creativity....have fun!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Portrait Shoot for First Birthday

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Baby, it's COLD outside!
It was a mind and body numbing
17-degrees when we took these first birthday portraits
of precious Emma Rose.
Since she was born in January, I really wanted her
portraits to be outside in the snow.

Unfortunately, even here in Michigan the weather
was unseasonably warm during the past month.
But a few days ago, we awoke to SNOW on the ground!

I immediately called Emma's mama and we bundled
up our winter baby in soft pink.
While editing, I wanted a bit of extra dazzle,
so I added my own white bokeh to the background!
I love how it made the portrait more magical.

I think portraits with a lot of white make
gorgeous black and whites.
The tiny sparkles in the background are in the original portrait,
but the bigger stuff I added.

I love those sweet little red cheeks and nose.

It was getting REALLY cold REALLY fast...
Here's the bokeh I used.  It is my own bokeh that
I produced and you can use it for FREE
with no need to courtesy...unless you want to.  :)
But do not sell my freebies!
I share how to add the bokeh

After braving the cold, we continued in my studio.
I LOVE photographing babies!


I love this photo of mother and daughter!
And, I especially like it in black and white:
I have a four-year-old coming for a winter birthday portrait...
My mind is racing with ideas...