Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Since I have blog friends around the world,
thought I'd share our
American Independence Day tradition...


For years, we packed up coolers,
and the kiddies
pulling it all in wagons to
plunk down on blankets awaiting
the dazzling show.

This year, on July 3rd, we simply walked out on the deck
of our friends' beautiful cottage overlooking
Long Lake.

No real organized show here...but lots of
individuals shooting off the smaller fireworks.

Here we are awaiting the spectacle
against a glistening summer sunset
with '70s music blaring
from a TURNTABLE...
yep, the old vinyl albums.

Doesn't get much better than that!

I had never photographed fireworks,
so working from an Internet tutorial print-out,
I set my camera and screeched
with excitement at EVERY colorful poof!

I was hyped at the results!

Now I was ready to capture
the larger show on the 

 Fourth of July.

Oh, my GOSH
they were pretty!!

And, the rockets red glare...

The bombs bursting in air...

Gave proof through the night...

That our flag was still there!

I'm proud to be an


Where at least I know I'm

I LOVE fireworks!