Sunday, November 9, 2014


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I'm so excited to share my Cinemagraphs I created over the summer!
Cinemagraphs are photos in which a part of it is moving video.
You are probably seeing these all over the Internet.  Thought I'd share
a few tips I learned while I was experimenting.
First, you need a camera that takes video.
Take a short video...say 10 to 20 seconds long of a static subject with something
in the photo that is moving.
One fun and easy Cinemagraph is blowing bubbles as seen above.
I had to do this over three times trying to get it right so here are some pointers:
You must be on a tripod or have your camera steady on a table or chair.
Start your video recording and let it go for about 5 seconds to steady the camera
then have your subject blow the bubbles.
Have the subject hold their movements as still as possible.  I know they
must move to blow the bubbles, but have them remain still after they blow.
I tried this with a young child, and she could not be still enough.
In this next Cinemagraph, you can see a slight wobble in the hose head
because the little boy could not hold it steady.

The same thing happened with their mouths in this next Cinemagraph.

Sometimes, it's just easier to  have your subject sitting
still while the action happens in the background like
with this waterfall.

I followed this great TUTORIAL from PHLearn
and was able to edit my Cinemagraph fairly easily in Photoshop CS6.
To share them online, load them onto a
site such as Photobucket.
I hope this helps you to create some FUN Cinemagraphs!