Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last of the Wildflowers

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With temperatures hovering in the 90s,
I haven't been walking as much this summer.

Thought I'd better get into walking shape for our upcoming
vacation, so I braved the heat yesterday to walk the trail
behind our house.

I was aghast to see the wildflowers SHOULDER high!

The walking path is owned by our Township and I KNEW
they mow it down in mid-July,
so I hurried home and posted a plea on Facebook
begging someone...anyone to pose for me that night!

Talk about perfect....my friend SUSAN
was eager to pose with the black-eyed-SUSANS.

We were stunned at how tall they grew this year.
I've never seen them so high!

Pretty Susan brought along her pretty friend Sarah.

Sarah wore my black-eyed-susan hair flower!

I cried this morning when I walked the trail and saw the big
mowers chopping them all down!!!!!

I cried because I was just in time to capture their beauty...


  1. These are stunning - makes me want to get outside and do a little portrait work. I'm not sure my sweet pea is in the mood to be outside just yet though.

  2. What beautiful wild flowers! Your photos came out fantastic! Gorgeous models too! :o)

  3. Oh my. I love the scene and you captured the girls so perfectly. Very picturesque.

  4. these are so beautiful, I always look forward to your portraits! I wish there were fields of wild flowers by me to shoot in!

  5. Beautiful! Love all the great fields you find.

  6. These photos, not to mention the subjects, are so beautiful. You have created a wonderful summer memory here.

  7. Just in time! What happy photos. You found beautiful models and placed them in a lovely field. Great job!

  8. those are gorgeous!!!
    congrats and greetings from Spain,


  9. These girls are just perfect -- how neat they answered your plea. The flowers are amazing.

  10. You take fabulous photos. Great blog. Awesome post. Keep up the work. Keep in touch.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

  11. Awesome shots...now I want to find a sunflower field..perfect backdrop for stunning pics!

  12. These are so beautiful. You picked just the right time for the photo shoot!

  13. cute photos - I need a field of flowers to walk through!

  14. Absolute beautiful, and lucky you to get two lovely models;)
    Great shots

  15. Aren't they just so pretty. Love those headbands too.

  16. Your photos are always beautful. It IS sad the wildflower season is coming to an end :( Our drought is making the wildflowers fabulous but their season is so short without rain following the dry spell.

  17. Wow I really do love these! Those flowers are so simple and beautiful!

  18. Jill I have featured you and this flower field picture on my blog today for my favorite Creative View!