Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Heart and Star Shaped Bokeh

Here are some great ideas on how to add the sparkle from
your Christmas tree to photos.
I love to turn the lights into bokeh by placing my subject
across the room from the tree and using a large aperture.

Have your subject face a window for beautiful natural
light on the face, and the bokeh tree in the far background.

Experiment with aperture and distance
to create different looks.

Another FUN idea for Christmas lights...
change the round bokeh into a SHAPE!
I have been having a blast with SHAPED bokeh...see the little hearts
of light on my Christmas tree behind my daughter?
It's very easy and fun to create...actually, it's fascinating!
I learned how to do it from a wonderful tutorial
by Kevin and Amanda.  Click here.
This is what the tree looks like with normal bokeh:
I love that, too....but it is fun to create the shapes.
 You can also try stars, snowflakes...whatever you want.
Just have fun creating some magic with your Christmas tree!