Friday, February 26, 2016

Digital Birthday Props

In my portrait photography business, I shoot many birthday sessions.
I work hard to create magic for each birthday child in every season.
But the props like cakes, balloons, etc. are very expensive and
take time and effort to gather.
That's why I created my Birthday Goodies PNG Overlays.
I actually bought and photographed real balloons in my studio
so the PNGs would look real in the photos.  They are not drawings or vectors.
I use these in my own portrait photography business and am
now selling them in my Etsy Shop for anyone to use! 
The balloons come in various colors
and I have a balloon bouquet.
I bought wonderful glassware from thrift shops, glued them together,
and spray painted them into pedestal cake stands.
I used them to photograph birthday cakes and made them
into PNGs. This means the background is transparent, so, like the balloons, they are
ready to instantly add to your photo.
I even photographed cupcakes!

And, what goes on the cakes? 
Yes, I photographed every kind of birthday candle with a lit flame,
and made them into individual PNGs.
My candle collection is my favorite because I never need to
purchase candles or have young children around lit flames!
I always have the ages and candles I need.
I also photographed some of my fun birthday props like colorful rugs.

And, I have used this wonderful girly lamp in MANY photo shoots!

I also sell birthday backgrounds so all you need to do is add your child!
My birthday PNG props can be quickly added in any
editing program that supports the use of layers.
Simply FILE and PLACE over your photo, use MOVE tool to
position and size the PNG.  Mask or erase off areas where needed.
Upon purchase of the backgrounds, you will receive a link
to my video tutorial showing you how to add your child and match tones.
Ease up on the stress and create magical birthday portraits
the fun and easy way!
To visit my Etsy Birthday Goodies Gallery:
I hope you enjoy these goodies as much as I have!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Bird Composites

I think winter bird photos are extra special because of snow!
But the chances of capturing a colorful bird on a beautiful tree
especially in winter are nil.  That's why I composite winter bird photos
and turn them into fine art that I sell below to hang on your wall.
Here is my original photo of the bluebird.  I love this, but the blue
berries in the photo above look even prettier.
First, I hiked through Dow Gardens which has a large variety of
trees and plants.  I looked at all the branches for interesting bird backgrounds.
I LOVED the red berries in this tree, so I photographed them as
Then I hiked at our county recreation area and photographed
the red cardinal.  I composited the bird into the background.
  Looks so nice with the red berries!
The recreation area has a grouping of bird feeders where it is
easy to capture many colorful birds while feeding.
I find it much easier to photograph birds by feeders where you get a nice variety,
and they are still for a bit while feeding.
Then you can composite them into a new background.
Notice the bottom of the tail is missing from this red-bellied woodpecker in this shot. 
I simply positioned the bird to mask that behind a leaf.
Whenever you're out with your camera in the winter, look
for pretty and interesting backgrounds for birds.
Get in close and photograph single branches with a narrow depth of field.
(the bigger the aperture...the narrower the depth of field.)
I also added my white bokeh to the background from the white bokeh
 collection I sell here in my Etsy Shop.
Blue jay  

Female Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Red Cardinal in holly bush...looks like a Christmas card!

Mourning Dove


Robin the harbinger of spring.
These fine art bird photographs are for sale in my Fine Art Gallery!
But, you can create them yourself through compositing!

Michigan's Glorious Winter Birds

My fine art photographs of Michigan's glorious winter birds
are up for sale in prints, framed art, canvas, greeting cards,
pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, phone cases and more!

Blue Jay

Red Cardinal


Female Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Male Cardinal in a holly bush makes a great Christmas card!

Mourning Dove

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Gold Finch
To learn how I created my bird fine art:  Click here

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vintage VALentine's Day

Time for another Vintage Val episode and this time,
she is preparing for a special Valentine's DATE!
The gorgeous red lace dress is true vintage from the 1950s
and belonged to my friend Sue's Aunt Eleanor. 
I LOVE THIS DRESS and thanks, Sue, for letting us use it for the shoot!
Here's the story of:
The Valentine Date

Remember Doris Day chatting on the phone while in the tub
in the movie Pillow Talk?
Val is so excited for her special date!

I had a problem with white balance in this PINK bathroom.
Had to keep adjusting it in all the photos.
I always shoot in RAW and fix white balance issues in Lightroom where it's quick and easy.

I LOVE all the PINK!

It's really fun to create Val's girly home with the frilly touches in her
dressing room!
I sell that frilly pink lamp as a png overlay in my Etsy Shop,
so you can add it to one of your photos.


I found the FAB vintage hair dryer on Ebay.
I had that exact hair dryer in the late 60s, but mine
was white.  I was so tickled to find one of the
rare PINK dryers!

Only Vintage Val could look glam in a hair dryer bonnet!

Thanks to my friend Sue who loaned me her vintage
Life magazines!  The one pictured is from 1957!
Vintage Val always needs a little beauty nap.

Aunt Eleanor's red lace dress is divine!
Val's all dolled up and waiting for her date to arrive.

Oh, gosh!  He's coming up the walk!
A couple pinches to the cheeks for extra color.

After the date, Val sits down to remember the magic.

We started laughing so hard while shooting the candy shots
because Val teased, "Get the date out of here so I can eat these chocolates!"
Such a FUN Vintage Val shoot!
Happy Valentine's Day!