Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vintage VALentine's Day

Time for another Vintage Val episode and this time,
she is preparing for a special Valentine's DATE!
The gorgeous red lace dress is true vintage from the 1950s
and belonged to my friend Sue's Aunt Eleanor. 
I LOVE THIS DRESS and thanks, Sue, for letting us use it for the shoot!
Here's the story of:
The Valentine Date

Remember Doris Day chatting on the phone while in the tub
in the movie Pillow Talk?
Val is so excited for her special date!

I had a problem with white balance in this PINK bathroom.
Had to keep adjusting it in all the photos.
I always shoot in RAW and fix white balance issues in Lightroom where it's quick and easy.

I LOVE all the PINK!

It's really fun to create Val's girly home with the frilly touches in her
dressing room!
I sell that frilly pink lamp as a png overlay in my Etsy Shop,
so you can add it to one of your photos.


I found the FAB vintage hair dryer on Ebay.
I had that exact hair dryer in the late 60s, but mine
was white.  I was so tickled to find one of the
rare PINK dryers!

Only Vintage Val could look glam in a hair dryer bonnet!

Thanks to my friend Sue who loaned me her vintage
Life magazines!  The one pictured is from 1957!
Vintage Val always needs a little beauty nap.

Aunt Eleanor's red lace dress is divine!
Val's all dolled up and waiting for her date to arrive.

Oh, gosh!  He's coming up the walk!
A couple pinches to the cheeks for extra color.

After the date, Val sits down to remember the magic.

We started laughing so hard while shooting the candy shots
because Val teased, "Get the date out of here so I can eat these chocolates!"
Such a FUN Vintage Val shoot!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. OH MY!! My favorite Vintage Val shoot ever!! Love that you introduced the 'Mystery Man' maybe we will see him in future shoots??? Excellent job Jill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tellement jolie! Bravo!