Monday, April 23, 2012

Urban Portraits

With senior picture season approaching,
I wanted to scout out some new locations for
what I call URBAN portraits.

When my son was home on spring break from college,
I had him gather some of his friends so I could practice
in a historic area of our city called "Old Town".

We started under this bridge by the river.

Turns out...the cement walls in this area are covered in
wonderful GRAFFITI!

I looked for a stretch of graffiti with colors that
matched Cassie's sweater.

See the graffiti star burst to the right of her neck below?
It's great to incorporate the graffiti when possible.

I also love that it was a windy day!
Wind always adds dimension to hair as I shared in this

I kept telling Cassie to forget her hair...
let it blow wild.

While photographing Jeff by the colorful graffiti wall...

I noticed this railroad track.  Looks like a path to a ghost town
which it kind of IS! 

This part of town has some abandoned buildings by the river...
a great place in any city to scout out portrait locations!

Old, flaking, crumbling buildings add texture
and interest.  I especially like the red color pop by Cody.

Cody is laid back and casual and this setting worked great for him.

I like to hunt out structural details that can match personalities.

Yep, Cody is electrifying:

We continued to explore and moseyed into this back alley.
I think a rat was about to run out of that pipe thingy:

I couldn't resist all the electric stuff stuck to the back of this old building
and made Sonny pose for me.

It's amazing what you can find in back alleys!

A wonderful backdrop for senior males.

For Tyler, we happened upon some historic architecture...
an abandoned building. 

Sarah looked pretty in purple by old buildings, too.

I now look for old buildings when I'm driving and remember them
for photo shoots because
they add so much charm to URBAN portraits.

I like the city background especially in a historic area.

What a fun day with these exuberant young people!
Great to find some new locations for senior pictures.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Windy Portrait Shoots

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Normally, I hate a windy day...
especially if it's cold outside.

But I LOVE wind for portrait shoots!

Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer
trying to catch up after my recent trip to Atlanta
when I heard a loud whirrrrrrrrrrr outside...
heavy winds bending the tree outside my window.

I was so happy my daughter was home
because as you know...I beg her to pose in good conditions.

The winds were gusting up to 45 MPH.
Even better, the sun was in and out!

Actually, most young gals think wind is a
BAD condition for photography.

Their perfectly coiffed hair
is suddenly a perfect MESS.


But, I'm in heaven as the wind adds
new dimension to portraits...
everything blowing in a natural...
imperfect perfection.
(Does that make sense??)

I tell the subject to forget about the hair...


Once they let go of the perfect hair...

They relax and let the wind do its tricks.

I wish EVERY photo session was windy.

On a windy day, add some props that will catch the wind
like this shawl.

Hats are fun too on a windy day.

I am LOVING my 50mm, 1.4 lens I got for

I love how it really blurs the background
when I shoot at wide aperature.

Really gives that mystical feel.

So instead of cursing the wind...
embrace it for portrait photography.

If you hear the wind howling outside...
grab someone and take their photo with their
hair a wild mess.