Sunday, August 19, 2012

Up...up...and Away...

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I can finally cross another portrait wish off my bucket list.

All summer I have envisioned portraits of a gal with balloons
up in the clouds.

My friend Rol has a large trampoline in his yard and
I searched all summer for a person who had the ability to
jump and pose at the same time.

I had pictured a girl about ten years old, but of all the
people I photographed this summer...none fit the bill

Alyssa came with her brother for his senior portrait shoot last week.
She was wearing what looked like a cheerleader outfit
and she was stunningly beautiful.

Turns out, she is on the high school pom pom squad,
took gymnastics when she was younger...
and she has a trampoline in her back yard!


Alyssa brought my vision to reality!

We were totally blessed with a pretty sky.
I was dreading having to add a pretty sky around
all those balloons, but I didn't have to....YES!

This is one of my favorite shoots of the summer.

And, just to show how pretty she is...

I had so much fun with those dang balloons and

Isn't she gorgeous???

After all that, she deserved a rest.

These are FUN!  If you have a trampoline, try it.



  1. Another fun shoot! These are awesome and she is gourgeous!

    Thanks for sharing with Foto Friday,

  2. Those are great. And, it would have been a bear to add those clouds in...glad you didn't have to.

  3. This is such a fun idea! I love the added effect with the balloons too.

  4. This looks like alot of fun. I want to try this but no trampoline :(

  5. Isn't she beautiful!!!! I love photos with balloons!

    Doing jump shots is not easy. I did a series with someone that gave us the prompt of jump shot selfies. Let me tell you- it is not easy to jump & keep a natural looking face- all while the shutter is going :) These came out great.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I would love to be up in the clouds with balloons. Don't think I'd look as glamorous though! x

  7. these are so beautiful! jump shots are one of my favorite shots to capture--the balloons make them even better! it adds so much whimsy to the photos!

  8. Such a beautiful young lady. I love these shots. It looks like the shoot was a lot of fun.

  9. Yes, she is gorgeous! What a fun photo shoot! These came out perfect! Mind me asking what you set your shutter speed to?

  10. My camera settings were:

    ISO 100
    800 shutter speed

    These were taken about 7:30 pm. I waited until she was beginning to descend so her hair and dress would fly. Good luck!

  11. So fun and dreamy! My mom was always trying to take "cloud" pictures of us growing up--but the balloons add a whole new level of dreaminess.

    Thanks for linking up to the Photo show and tell. It will be up again in about an hour here--hope you join us again!

  12. These are amazing and SO pretty! I love the pop of her pink shirt against the blue/white background. And the shots without trees look like she is floating in Heaven! :) Nice job!!