Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vintage Val Goes to the Ice Cream Parlor

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Last month, I posted a vintage shoot with this beautiful gal
named Valorie.  It was so popular on Facebook, we have
started a series called Vintage Val and will shoot each season.
I squeezed in one more summer session at a wonderful
old-fashioned ice cream parlor named Fuzzy's!
This shoot was especially fun because I used a dress I had worn
at my rehearsal dinner and on my honeymoon 25 years ago.
It looked like a 50's dress when I added a petticoat for Val.
Here I am wearing it....I loved the dress so much,
I saved it all those years.
Fuzzy's is in an old part of our town.
It's such a perfect place for vintage photos!
Inside, it's so retro and PINK!
I made Val order PINK ice cream and we agreed
the peppermint was the most colorful.
Val was a good sport because she hates peppermint.
After the ice cream, we HAD to keep shooting outside
the ice cream parlor with all the pretty flowers.
Valorie is the perfect vintage gal!
Note that I never shot her from the left...
that's because we had a little wardrobe malfunction. Ha ha!!
Yep, Val was a VERY good sport!
We are already planning our fall Vintage Val shoot...so check back in later September.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vintage Photo Shoot

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The idea for this vintage shoot began when I found this
fabulous retro hat at a thrift store back in April.  I LOVED the color and shape
and bought it for 5-bucks.
As I was checking out, I turned around and that polka dot dress was
hanging high on the wall.  I had the guy behind the counter climb a ladder
to fetch the dress for me and the idea for a vintage shoot was ON!
In my mind, I pictured a beautiful blonde with blue eyes
wearing the dress in a city setting, but I did not know anyone
who fit my vision.
As the summer hurried on, I though of asking a blonde teen
I know to pose in the dress, but she seemed too young.
One day, I went to the salon to get my hair cut and when the receptionist
greeted me, I almost fell over....
I was literally shaking with excitement as I asked her to pose for me.
Fortunately, she said YES and she fit in the dress PERFECTLY!
I took her downtown to our historic area
and see for yourself...
Valorie is the perfect vintage model!
We had SO much fun seeking out different locations...
I also had it in my mind that I wanted cars to blur by...
so I set up on a tripod...had Val stay very still.
I shot this with a 1-second shutter speed.
Since it was a bright sunny morning, I had to shut down
my aperture to 22. 
Valorie was a wonderful poser!
And, I enjoyed  trying different edits
to create a washed out, more vintage look.
Valorie is SOOOOO pretty!
I found this vintage head scarf at a thrift store, too...then searched for and
found the cute pink dress.
I took Valorie down by our river for these retro photos of
a carefree summer day.
Val had just been to New York City where she bought the fun and funky
sunglasses from a street vendor.
I posted these on my Jill Wellington Photography Facebook page
and got LOTS of comments.....SO....
We are going to do a series of these retro shoots calling it:
Vintage Val
We will try do one each season, and one at Christmas...
but I do have one more summer idea...so stay tuned and check
back to this blog.