Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Portrait Poses

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I'm so happy summer is finally cooperating with
some sunny evenings.  Well, this shoot started out sunny,
but when we got beautiful Lauren all dressed, it
We called off the shoot and she went home.
Just a half hour later the sun was blazing again,
so I called her to come back...
And, I'm SOOO glad she did!
Lauren was wearing her prom dress which
is a dreamy princess gown.
I had a vision of her lying on the ground and me
shooting from above, so I brought a ladder to
our shooting site and climbed to the top to get this:
Did I tell you, after saving all last summer, I was finally
able to purchase my dream camera:
OMG!!!!  The Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera is beyond my
wildest dream about it!
The ISO range is crazy high!
  I will do a blog about it in the future. 
The one thing I noticed this third time I had the new camera on
a portrait shoot is the FULL FRAME!
I never could have gotten these shots from the ladder
with my old crop frame camera.
The 61 focus points on this camera were
eye-popping accurate.  I was blown away at the photos!
I like to shoot with a wide aperture and
the focus points were spot on!  With 61 points to choose
from it's easy to get crisp focus on the eyes every time.
No one would ever know poor Lauren and I were
being eaten alive by mosquitos!
That's what I love about the young gals, they are game to
pose in the worst of conditions.
Here's another shoot with my new camera.
Crystal Joy is only TWELVE years old!
She is graceful and poised in front of the camera.
She's a dream to photograph.
The peonies and irises are out for just a few weeks, so I wanted
to squeeze in a few photos shoots with them before they are gone.
Here's my FIRST session with the new camera.
Sisters Ella and Olyve.
This next shot would have been extremely
difficult with my old crop frame camera.
I was giddy at having all that extra space in the frame!!!!
I LOVE natural portraits!
I also love flower gardens...
Six-year-old Ella looks like a beautiful fairy.
She loved this next photo so much that her mom is going to
enlarge it on canvas for her bedroom.
To learn how to create the magic glitter trails in
Photoshop, visit this blog post.
I like dark-haired beauties in rich colors.
I dressed Olyve in purple, and was thrilled when
I found purple irises in the garden where we shot.
That purple flower head wreathe is actually
a wall-hanging I found at a thrift store and bent it around her head!
I hope these give you some fun ideas for summer portraits.