Friday, April 29, 2011

Artist of Miniature Paintings

I am in a photo club where we love to meet for photo outings
and at our monthly gatherings, we share photography ideas and techniques.
One of the photo clubbers is not only an awesome photographer,
she's an amazing painter and brought along her artwork.

Jan Knoll first photographs interesting places
and people.

Then she paints the scenes.

The stunning thing is...

She paints them in miniature!

They're no bigger than 3 by 4 inches.

Jan's been painting for twenty years and loved to paint
She never painted anything bigger than a 16 X 20.

Then she read a magazine article about miniature paintings
and was fascinated.

She flew to Florida where she learned the craft from a
miniature artist.  Well, the artist was normal size, but
the art was teeny.

She uses a magnifying glass and strong light
plus teensy brushes.

The fine details are exquisite on such a tiny canvas.
Each painting takes 30 to 40 hours to complete.

I am fascinated with people's talents!

Jan attends miniature art shows and
even competes in miniature contests.

I just HAD to share her vast talent
with you.

Thanks, Jan!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Rain

I told you I joined a local photo club.
Our assignment this month was to shoot

THAT was an easy seems like
it has rained all dang month!

The problem was...
I don't like to get wet.

But the month was winding down and
photo club is tomorrow night.

Yesterday, I FORCED myself out into the rain.

I didn't venture too far.
Just out the back door where I found rain pounding
on our red grill.

I thought the red would brighten up
the dark, dreary day.

So with raindrops splashing all over my camera
that I thought was secured in a plastic bag...

I fired off more than 200 shots...

Trying to capture 


After filling my card with photos,
and soaking my jeans to the skin.

I rushed to my computer to see what
I had captured.

Even though the weather was
drab and depressing...

I thought these pictures were


They made me smile.

I placed a pretty yellow plate out
and it soon filled with rain.


Looking this close...
it appears


Now for the not-so-happy news:

All this rain made our roof leak.
Tom, our terrific carpenter
scared me to death climbing onto the roof in
the pouring rain to check it out.

Look at that gray sky! 

Rain, rain....