Editing Tips

                          Blog Posts with
              Editing Tips and Tutorials
                      for Photoshop and PSE

How to Create Christmas Bulbs in Photoshop: Click here

Adding Bokeh to Backgrounds:  Click here

How to do Spring Portrait Composites:  Click here

Digital Birthday Props: Click here

How to use my Painted Barn Wood Collection: Click here

How to change greenery to pink or other colors: Click here 

How to use my Snow Overlay Collection:  Click here

How to edit with my Bokeh Overlay Collection:  Click here

Editing Winter Photos:  Click here

Creating snow when there is no snow: Click here

Adding spring backgrounds: Click here

Creating motion blur in Photoshop and PSE: Click here

Moving objects in photos with Photoshop and PSE: Click here

How to move a subject to a different photo in Photoshop and PSE: Click here

Editing to save a poor photo: Click here

How to create dreamy winter portraits: Click here

Moving people to new backgrounds: Click here

How to create magic glitter trails: Click here

Creating a snow globe Christmas card: Click here

Punching up the drama in editing: Click here

Create a Shadow Cast in Photoshop/PSE:  Click here

How to create rain in Photoshop/PSE:  Click here

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