Friday, August 24, 2012

SHEER Beauty

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The best part about summer portrait photography is the
endless sunlight!
Once I learned how to see and capture it,
I started to PLAY with it.
First the SEEING part.
This took me a long time to grasp, but it is as easy
as stopping to notice where your the sun is falling on your subject.
By placing the sun to the subject's back, you get
beautiful rim light around the hair.
Back light will also virtually eliminate those
awful face shadows.
Now for the PLAY part.
I have been looking for props to play with the light.

                                     I found this long length of sheer fabric at the thrift store
and had lovely Sagal hold it up and let the sun shine through.
I actually held up the fabric against the light in the store
and could imagine how it would photograph with the sun.
The same thing happened when I found this pretty netted canopy.
I knew it would glow with the sun.
Sheer fabric makes a brilliant prop in sunshine.
Sheer fabric on clothing is awesome, too! 
Back lighting will illuminate the sheer fabric.
Look for that spot in the grass where the sun is shining through
and place your subject in that spot with the sun
BEHIND them...
(Can you see the sunny spot?)
Anything sheer will PLAY well...try a shawl.
One thing DIFFICULT to shoot in sunlight is someone
wearing glasses.
This is when I really have to pay attention to every shot.
While looking through the viewfinder, I carefully check the glasses
for glare.
If I see glare, I have the subject tilt their chin down just a tad.
That usually solves the problem...
There will always be a bit of glare, but using the tilt trick,
and checking the glasses through your viewfinder in EVERY shot,
you can dramatically improve the situation.
If that doesn't work, move your subject around until the
light hits the glasses differently.
I love Natalie in her glasses...adds so much of her
I also like that Natalie, at age 17 is an avid photographer, too!
To learn more about how to capture and edit
back lit photos check out my
Have fun playing with the sunlight!


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