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1. How to change the color of an object in Photoshop and PSE: Click here

2. How to change the background of a photo and replace it with another in Photoshop and PSE:  Click here

3. Moving objects around in Photoshop and PSE: Click here

4. Creating motion blur in Photoshop and PSE: Click here

5. How to apply my free haze overlays in Photoshop and PSE: Click here

6. How to use my Sparkly Snow OverlaysClick here

7. How to add a hint of color to black and white photos:  Click here 

8. Creating Snow in Photoshop and PSE:  Click here

9. How to use the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop and PSE: Click here

10. How to add my free Shamrock Glitter Overlay (Overlay available under the Freebies tab.) and change the color in your photo to match: Click here

11. How to create a shadow cast for composites in Photoshop and PSE:  Click here

12.  How to use the Artistic Filters in Photoshop and PSE to make photos look like paintings:  Click here

13.  How to add textures to your photos:  Click here

14.  How to add a pop of drama to your photos: Click here

15. How to create a Progressive Composite: Click here

16. How to Create Rain with my free rain brush: Click here

17. Using a Mini Leaf Blower to create wind: Click here

18. How to move People & Objects from one Photo to
         another:   Click here

19.  How to Adjust Lighting in Specific Areas of a Photo: Click here

20.  How to Use the Patch & Spot Healing Brush Tools in Photoshop & Elements: Click here

21.  How to Add Digital Walls & Floors in Photoshop:  Click here

22.  How to Add Text & Borders to Photos in Photoshop & PSE:  Click here

23.  How to Make Digital Frames for Photos in Photoshop & PSE:  Click here

24.  How to Create Moon Composites in Photoshop:  Click here

25.  How to Add Textures & Overlays to Photos:  Click here

26.  How to Change the Color of Fall LeavesClick here

27.  How to Animate Falling Snow in a Still Photo:  Click here

28.  How to do Light Painting Photography:  Click here

29.  How to Fix Clothing in Photoshop..lengthen sleeves, etc. :  Click here

30.   How to Flip an Image Inside a Crystal BallClick here

31.  How to Create Patterned Paper in CS6:  Click here

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