Monday, February 22, 2016

Bird Composites

I think winter bird photos are extra special because of snow!
But the chances of capturing a colorful bird on a beautiful tree
especially in winter are nil.  That's why I composite winter bird photos
and turn them into fine art that I sell below to hang on your wall.
Here is my original photo of the bluebird.  I love this, but the blue
berries in the photo above look even prettier.
First, I hiked through Dow Gardens which has a large variety of
trees and plants.  I looked at all the branches for interesting bird backgrounds.
I LOVED the red berries in this tree, so I photographed them as
Then I hiked at our county recreation area and photographed
the red cardinal.  I composited the bird into the background.
  Looks so nice with the red berries!
The recreation area has a grouping of bird feeders where it is
easy to capture many colorful birds while feeding.
I find it much easier to photograph birds by feeders where you get a nice variety,
and they are still for a bit while feeding.
Then you can composite them into a new background.
Notice the bottom of the tail is missing from this red-bellied woodpecker in this shot. 
I simply positioned the bird to mask that behind a leaf.
Whenever you're out with your camera in the winter, look
for pretty and interesting backgrounds for birds.
Get in close and photograph single branches with a narrow depth of field.
(the bigger the aperture...the narrower the depth of field.)
I also added my white bokeh to the background from the white bokeh
 collection I sell here in my Etsy Shop.
Blue jay  

Female Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Red Cardinal in holly bush...looks like a Christmas card!

Mourning Dove


Robin the harbinger of spring.
These fine art bird photographs are for sale in my Fine Art Gallery!
But, you can create them yourself through compositing!

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