Sunday, September 13, 2015

Create a Simple Photo Studio in your Garage

High key photos taken in front of a white background
are the unique signature of my portrait business.

I have lots of thrift store hats, scarves, coats and other clothing.
Clients pick through and select what they like to wear for what
I call my WHITE BOARD shots.

I like to shoot a lot of winter looking White Board shots so
my clients have a winter look even if I shoot their session in the warm months.

Many use these on their Christmas cards!

These photos are quick and easy to take in front of my
VERY inexpensive and easy-to-make white board
at the edge of my garage!

The light here, (Make sure you are NOT in direct sunlight!) is
exquisite!  You don't get the harsh shadows on
the face. Eyes and skin glow!

I simply spread a white blanket on the ground.  I also have
a slice of white carpet I use sometimes.

To make my white boards,
I bought two sheets of foam insulation board at Home Depot for
about ten dollars each.
They're very lightweight and easy to handle and store.
I store mine leaned against the wall in the garage.

I cut one in half to make it easier to handle and transport.
The one shown above is the half board.

I kept the other one full length and use it for families or groups.

I bought a roll of white "Fadeless" brand bulletin board paper for about eight dollars
in the school supply section at Michael's Craft store.

You can also find it online at Walmart and Amazon and other outlets.

This paper is the perfect width for the foam board.  I simply used wide
packing tape to affix it to the board.

I keep a few extra rolls on hand.

If it gets dirty, it's easy and cheap to just replace the bulletin board paper.
A few of mine were splattered during birthday cake smashes.

Here, I am using the full-length board for three sisters. 

We even shoot in front of the white board at the edge of
my garage in the dead of winter!

It was snowing hard that day, so note the plastic bag over my camera.

So quick and easy and inexpensive!

The family bought an enlargement of this photo:

If I don't happen to have my white board with me on a location shoot,
I have an assistant hold up the white side of my reflector.

Later, I clone in the white to cover the background in Photoshop.

The photos of these adorable sisters were taken in front of the reflector
while on location.

Everyone loves wearing my colorful thrift store finds!

In March, it was too cold for a newborn outside, so we used the reflector
on the kitchen table with the baby facing a window.

This baby was photographed on the kitchen table also.

No expensive fancy lights.
Natural light from the window is perfection!

It's very easy to add backgrounds and bokeh
in Photoshop!

Or, you can just keep things white!

I also add wallpaper, baseboards and floors!

I show you how in this VIDEO TUTORIAL.

You can purchase my Barn Wood Floors and Walls in my

You don't need an expensive studio with lights
to create some fantastic high key portraits!

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