Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Adding Bokeh to Backgrounds

It's early March here in Michigan and we just got another
punch of winter...a foot of snow!  I took advantage by scheduling
some snow shoots.
If you're editing your winter photos and want to add a bit
of extra sparkle...try adding white bokeh!
See it in the backgrounds of these photos?

I challenged myself to photograph beautiful Meghan at the
height of heavy snowfall.
It was CRAZY!  Her face was wet with mascara crying down her cheeks,
her hair, coat and hat were immediately sopping wet.
My camera was in a plastic bag making it pesky to work the buttons,
but all the chaos was WORTH IT!
I added some white bokeh during editing and I think the bokeh gives
winter photos a twinkly pop!

White bokeh looks wintery!
I photographed my own white bokeh in my studio and am
now selling a set of 4 exclusive white bokeh overlays in my
These were created by photographing real lights, so they look
realistic in photos.  They are not computer or photoshop generated.
The collection includes four high resolution jpgs that you simply
FILE>PLACE over your photo in any editing program that supports
the use of layers.  SCREEN blend mode.  Lower opacity to taste,
Mask or erase off subject or where you don't want the bokeh.


I also use the white bokeh overlays in all other seasons,
but I especially love them in winter.
Enjoy these!

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  1. So many pretty things on your list! I hope you have a wonderful day!