Monday, October 15, 2012

The Golden Halo

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I love fall portraits and was excited when
Britt and John hired me to take portraits
of them in their fall bow hunting mode.
I took them into the woods at the golden hour...
that's when the sun is low in the sky...starting about two
hours before sunset.
That's when you can get the golden halo that I LOVE!

The golden halo comes from lighting the subject from behind.

But you must look for the halo before you snap the photo.
In the woods, I searched out places where the sun was
streaming through the trees and purposely placed John where
that sun stream would hit his hair.

I really take the time to notice where the light is falling.

Have your subject move or you move with your camera
until you SEE where the light is hitting. 
You must do this are looking at the light and
its placement on your subject.

In this next photo, John was holding Britt.
Poor John...I made him "inch a little to the right...move a bit forward...
uh, a smidge to the left."
I really worked to get the golden halo just right and look at how
they "glow" in this shot!

Fall portraits are so colorful and fun!

We had a wonderful time in the woods.
They loved their portraits because I took the time to really
observe the light and USE it to create the golden halo.

Try paying attention to where the light falls and
you will be creating beautiful fall portraits this season.


  1. Wonderful photos and great tips! Thanks!

  2. What a fun session! What beautiful light you've captured!!

    Just so you know, your email is blocked, so when you comment on my blog and ask me questions, I can't respond! Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you! If you go to this link and look at step 2 you can see how to make it visible! As for your question, I work in TV so i don't like to put details about it on my blog, but if you email me I'm happy to talk more about it :)

  3. You're right "APPLElutely ADORABLE!" Loving the Halloween Kittens too!

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