Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Portraits

This is the point in winter when all my friends are hating
snow and cold.
Not me...I relish winter and it's elegant beauty in my portraits.
I have enjoyed several amazing photo shoots with pretty girls
in these past few weeks,
and thought I'd share more winter shooting tips.
Every Christmas Santa brings me a big bag of these chemical
hand warmers.  I used them when I was a television
news reporter and was outside covering a story in winter.
They stay warm for more than 7 hours.  I tuck them into
my fingerless gloves and boots.
If it's really cold, I give a set to my subject and
they are much cozier and happier.
You can find these in stores where they sell hunting gear.
My hubby picks up a bag of them at Dick's every Christmas.
In planning wardrobe for winter shoots...I love pastels against the snow!
Light blue really sets off Jessica's blue eyes.
We have a woods near my house that I use for summer
photo shoots.  We ventured back last weekend
and I was stunned at all the open light without
the leaves on the trees.
I love how the light twinkles through the bare trees creating
a pretty background for a pretty gal!
I love playing with long hair to give some movement
to the photo.
I found this mint blue coat and matching shawl at a
thrift store and thought it would photograph beautifully
against the white snow.
It was cloudy on the day we shot these.  I much prefer
the sun being out to add some dazzle, but on
cloudy days, I can have the subject face the sun..
thus opening up the light in their eyes.
Sometimes, even on cloudy days, facing the sun makes
my subject squint.  I have them shut their eyes and tell them to open
their eyes when I count to three.  I tell them they can shut their
eyes the moment they hear the camera click.
I wait just a moment before I snap the photo...and it WORKS!
I also like white coats with bright colored scarves against snow.
The pop of color around Jennifer's neck really
brings the focus to her face and amazing eyes.
Winter backgrounds are so simple
and exquisite!
The day I photographed Emilee, the sun was out.
I took her to the woods to play with the light.
Backlighting is my favorite....her hair just GLOWS!
I took these at 2pm when the sun was high in the sky.  I know
most photographers avoid that hour, but I LOVE it!
I hope these inspire you to get out there and
ENJOY shooting winter portraits!


  1. wow Jill! These are all incredibly beautiful!! I love all the colors against the white snow backdrop as well.

  2. Stunning pictures and I love the tips!!

  3. Just beautiful models and your photography really enhanced their beauty. Thanks for all the tips, your portrait photography is stunning.

  4. So gorgeous, great way to make the best of winter!