Sunday, March 3, 2013

Editing Saves a "Poor" Photo

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I just got back from my 25th Anniversary trip to Cancun.
Hubby and I had a total blast soaking up tropical paradise.
My hubby will always be the cutest and sweetest man in the world!
We returned to a winter storm with five inches of snow,
so my beautiful tan is hidden under five layers of clothing.
This will be a short blog post as I slowly return to reality.
When I was shooting the ice skating photos in this blog post,
Susie's little sister Gigi was outside playing.
She looked so cute in her zebra hat and coat, so I quickly snapped
a few photos.  This photo looks dark and blah with no thought to
composition or the bad background.
I pretty much dismissed it.
Yesterday, I was in the process of purging bad photos when I came
across it again and decided to try editing.
She looks downright COUTURE!
I LOVE how it turned out....and to think I almost deleted the crummy original!
She was standing by the skating rink in the backyard, so I cloned out the edge of the rink.
I was so excited, I tried editing another "crummy" Gigi shot:
I am in love with these two photos and wish I had taken more of Gigi.
In both these shots I brightened the photos, sharpened the eyes, smoothed skin,
and played with curves.
 I also  added the white bokeh.
I want to share these because you may have some "bad" photos
you were thinking of deleting....that may be rough diamonds!
Challenge yourself to enhance a photo you thought was
poor quality and make it sparkle.
Check back because I did an amazing beach portrait shoot of two
GORGEOUS gals while in Cancun.
I'll share some tips on shooting in harsh beach light.

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  1. Great shots, and isn't post processing so wonderful! Happy anniversary to you!