Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mid-March Snow Portraits

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 Everyone was groaning about a mid-March
snow storm moving in Friday night,
 but I was EXCITED to awaken to whiteness Saturday morning.
My mind was still spinning with ideas for snow portraits
and I got to accomplish them!
I found this red hat and jacket at a thrift store...
You know I LOVE thrift stores!
I really wanted to use the red with winter snow portraits.
Plus, Alyssa has the prettiest eye lashes!
With dramatic colors like red, I like to edit with high contrast.
Recently, I found a wonderful pink, tufted chair at a thrift store.
It cost me $ it was a splurge, but I HAD to have that chair.
It's heavy, but my sweet hubby lugged it out to our backyard so I could
photograph Alyssa in dreamy pink.
(The dress and shawl are from thrift stores, too.)
Do you agree that I HAD to buy that chair???
With dreamy shots like these, I like to blur the edges of my subject and the background.
I also added snow sparkles.
To learn how to add them and pick up free sparkle brushes, click on this blog post.
I was in that dreamy mood,
so I had Marissa wear another thrift shop formal.
I look for long dresses with huge, billowing skirts
because they photograph so dreamy.
I insanely got up on an aluminum ladder in my snowy boots
and almost slipped off to get this next shot.
I love this angle from above!
I bought this antique hat and was eager to photograph
beautiful eyes through the black netting.
Bregan has the perfect eyes!
The rich green wrapped around her is a drapery panel
from a thrift store! 
I always look for texture which really adds to photos.
Those are my glam portraits that I've been carrying in my mind.
The girls also wanted some fun casual shots.
That furry hot pink thing around her neck is an old collar
I guessed a thrift shop!
I switched out the scarf for a softer look with peach.
I found this next cute jacket at a resale shop.
This next photo of Marissa took some effort.
I had her bend over with her hair flowing forward.
I got myself into position with the camera focus set on
Al-servo so it would refocus as she moved.
I had her stand up while flipping her hair back. 
It took a few tries, but I LOVE this photo!
It personifies the joy and exhileration of winter and snow.
I hope these portraits and tips help you squeak in some last snow photos
of the season.


  1. You have some amazing shots here! Beautiful models, great clothing choices and your skilful photography and editing combined with the snow have given sensational results.

  2. Wow! These photo's are magical!

  3. wow, gorgeous protraits all of them. You are so gifted. :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your photography is over the top outstanding! Bravo!

  5. some really beautiful shots and girls with beautiful complexion..difficult to beat!

  6. Gorgeous models; gorgeous pics!

  7. Jill,

    fantastic shots, I would never have thought of portraits in the snow. I really like the first set with the red outfit and the last shot but they are all lovely.