Monday, April 1, 2013

Indoor Natural Light Photography

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Because I live in Michigan, I am forced inside for most
children and newborn photo sessions this time of year.
I do have a nice little studio set up in my basement with lights, but
I MUCH prefer natural light.
So I have been looking around my house for pretty patches of
natural light and found this one in my dining room.
That's my gorgeous pink thrift store chair by a window
casting delectable light on my subjects.
The light changes with the time of day and whether or
not it's sunny outdoors.
I like to move the subject until I see the natural
light is falling to illuminate their face.
The window faces west and these were taken
about 3 pm with light streaming in.
My front door is flanked by two tall windows with
dreamy natural light flooding the front hallway.
I always shoot in manual using indoor natural light
because I need full control over my aperature, shutter speed and ISO.
I like to shoot almost wide open, so depending on how
much light is streaming in...I may have to raise or lower the shutter speed.
If it's still too dark, I raise the ISO.
Of course, I had to include more from the newborn shoot
with precious Elliana and her mama Korey.
These were done in my studio with lights, but I wanted to
share them because I love babies!
For me, newborns are difficult. 
I have trouble getting them to sleep!
At 7 days old, Elliana didn't want to miss a thing...
She only slumbered in short spurts, so we had
to shoot FAST!
So many cute and fun baby girl props!
Look around your house for the natural light....
it's magic!


  1. Finding natural light is one thing - that thrift store chair - wow! Great set of shots, wonderful examples.

  2. Those are beautiful. I see the difference. The natural light is more interesting.

  3. I am just blown away by your wonderful photography! The natural light is the best! I think you have done a really outstanding job with it in your home, and the baby pictures are PRECIOUS!

  4. so lovely... the lighting on the little girl in the last few images before the baby are especially stunning!

  5. Oh, wow. Beautiful photos!! Love the feel of them--so classic.

  6. Such adorable pictures!! So hard to choose a favorite from this bunch. Thank you for linking up with inspired tuesday. You are this weeks featured blog.

  7. Beautiful photos & subjects, Jill!
    I enjoyed your "about me" as well.