Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Portait Ideas

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I finally finished my last senior portrait shoot of 2013!
Many seniors want fall portraits, but here in Michigan, the fall weather and color
is often VERY iffy.
I only took on two seniors for fall and sure enough both shoots
were rescheduled twice because of weather.
But when we finally get a nice day...and the rich autumn colors are out...
Isn't Alyssa gorgeous in the fall reds and oranges?
I also wanted to capture her in the goldenrod that's only out
for a few we shot these in September against the
exquisite evening back light.
I'm so glad we did this, so Alyssa also has some "summer dress"
photos in her gallery.
The golden hour...about an hour before the sun sets
really lights up portraits!
Here's my other beautiful senior...Taylor!
The colors were just starting to turn yellow for her shoot.
Twins Caitlin and Elise are fall babies.
Their mother brought them to me last year for their one-year-old portraits....
and they were back this year for their two-year-old photos.
Oh, my GOSH...what a difference a year makes!
I bought two large bags of apples at the grocery store and used them
for lots of fall shoots.
Here are twins Easton and Tate eating up the apples!

And, I got to use the apples for Cole's one-year-old birthday portraits.
Apples are an easy, inexpensive fall prop.
I managed to snap this ONE photo of a beary cute Cole
before he had a total one-year-old meltdown from wearing the hood.
One thing on my bucket list for fall was photographing someone in
the yellowing corn stalks.  We have corn fields all around us, but I have never shot in one.
Beautiful Maddie helped me cross this off my bucket list.
I also wanted to photograph someone in the soybean fields
at sunset.
Thanks, Maddie!
Here's Maddie at our local pumpkin patch wearing her favorite new
fall outfit.
Fall has so many fun, colorful portrait options....if you get a pretty day...
get out there and SHOOT!

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