Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Portraits

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I love pink and little girls and LOVE!
So, I was very excited to photograph three sweetie pie sisters
Bella, Brooklyn and Britton for Valentine's Day.
Who doesn't love a bucket full of kisses?

My friend Lucy came along and took photos of me taking photos.
It's always fun to see this perspective.
Notice I am wearing all white.  That's because whatever color I
wear reflects in my subject's eyes.  I learned this when I was editing
a portrait and couldn't figure out why the gal had hot pink in her eyes.
I looked closer and it was my hot pink shirt!
Wearing white, I am now a wonderful reflector creating
catch lights in my subjects' eyes!
I also love to style my portraits and found everything
at thrift stores...even the red ladder.
Bella is 9 and children her age are usually great to work with.
They can follow direction and love posing.

4-year-old Brooklyn got shy when it was her turn.
This is very common with this age.
A snuggle with daddy...
But she was still shy. 
That's okay!  Just shoot in their natural state. I get some of my
best photos when it is completely natural.
Then there was 3-year-old Britton
who smiled and posed like a pro!
Are these the sweetest sisters?
It was 21 degrees and snowing when we took these photos.
I had my camera in a plastic Ziplock bag.  I really need to order
a rain cover for my camera especially for Michigan winters.
I was up on the ladder...
to shoot THIS pose:
Finally time for the family pose.
Lots of help fluffing them up...have to make
sure lots of tutu is showing!
Love're all looking great...
Love all the laughter!
Such a beautiful family!
Every time I do a photo shoot, at the end, I have my
clients pose in front of my white board at the edge of my garage.
This narrow space offers exquisite natural light.
The white board shots have become my signature and
are often the favorite from the entire shoot.
I will have to do a blog post about them!
The girls held up well in the cold weather...
Such special Valentines!


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