Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

It's so close to Christmas, and if you have little children around,
I know that there is plenty of excitement in the air!
I want to share some photos I took last year and posted for Christmas Eve.

The idea for  this next series of portraits came in a vision
that popped into my mind when I found the Santa sack at Goodwill for 99-cents.
I have told you before that I get clear visions of what
a portrait should look like when I find certain clothing or props
at thrift stores.
These visions are very detailed and I feel COMPELLED to
re-enact them to a TEE.
In this vision, I clearly saw how the sack was laying on its side with gifts pouring out.
I also saw my son's old yellow Tonka dump truck next to the sack,
with a little boy staring up at Santa in awe.
I had this scene set up in my living room for a week worrying how
I would get the little 2-year-old to cooperate.
The day he arrived, he was having a crying tantrum.
I decided to stay calm and let my vision play out. 
I felt if I was given a vision, I would just have to trust it
would come to fruition.
I laid down on my belly on my family room floor and had my
camera set and ready to shoot.
I instructed the mother to stand on my hearth to the left of this photo.
I coached the dad to place the child in front of the toys.
I then had the mother call his name so he would look up.
The moment was perfection! 
I was having one of those tingling moments
when my vision plays out!!!
His mother told him to look in the sack for a treat.
Click! Click! Click!
The utter purity of these photos brings me to tears!
2-year-olds are absolutely PRECIOUS!

He had no idea that he had created magic.
He just wanted to play with the big yellow truck!
I hope you are having a magical holiday season!


  1. ...just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow you just created some magical it..

  3. you definitely captured the moment. What a beautiful child