Friday, December 26, 2014

Party Photo Booth

We always host the family Christmas Eve gathering at our house.
This year I wanted to add some extra fun, so I set up a
"Photo Fun Booth"!
It was a HIT!
Everyone loved posing with my colorful props.
I posted the photos on Facebook and people tagged, shared and saved them.
It was so much fun, I decided to do it for our New Year's Eve party...
and you can do it, too!
What you will need:
Colored card stock paper or glitter paper
Grilling skewers
Wide mailing tape
Cool glue gun
A white sheet, blanket or white wall
I bought lots of glitter paper at our local Scrapbooking store.
You can find it at other craft stores, but the scrapbooking stores
have die cuts for you to cut out various numbers and sayings.
I cut out three sets of the year 2015,
and Happy New Year.
Scrapbooking paper is perfect for this project as
you need the weight of cardstock for the shapes to hold up.
Simply think up fun hats, crowns, champagne bottles and glasses and
use your glue gun to create them with the glitter paper.
On the back, use wide mailing tape to adhere the skewer
to the right or left of your creation. 
Point side should be UP and covered in tape. 
It's fun to have my kids home so they can pose for me
and I can actually get in a photo!
These are the props that I created.
They don't have to be perfect.  Have the kiddies help!
They only have to be FUN!
I set up my booth in the garage!
I created that white board to use for my professional portraits,
but you can hang a white sheet or blanket from the ceiling or use a
white wall.
I ADORE garage light.  Make sure it's just beyond any harsh rays.
The natural light in a garage against a white background is exquisite!
This is a good way to start your party.
Have your guests stop in the garage as they arrive.
You can take photos with your camera,
or simply let your guests capture their photos on their own phones!
The photos are a wonderful keepsake for your guests
to remember your FAB party!
Here are some of the wild and crazy photos from the New Year's Photo Booth.
Everyone loved it and posted their photos on Facebook and Instagram!

This would also be a great idea for a birthday party,
plus wedding or baby showers!


  1. What a fantastic fun idea!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jill, I love this idea, so cute!!! Wish I were having a New Year party rather than staying in this year. But this would be so fun for a kid's bday party! Rita

  3. Thanks, Alycia and Rita! That's a great idea to do this for a kid's birthday party!!!

  4. Another fun and very creative idea! Keep them coming!!