Thursday, February 19, 2015

Divine Black and White Portraits

As a portrait photographer, I never turn my portraits to
black and white!
That's because I ADORE color!
Plus, I don't like when the skin tones turn gray and muddy.
I have tried many techniques and actions to find a black and white
that I like, but it never happened until NOW!
Rita at CoffeeShop Blog has finally developed
the perfect Black and White action for my portraits.
It's called Gossamer Wings and you can read all about it
plus download the action from her great blog  HERE.
I finally get the whiter skin tones.
Watch my video tutorial on how to adjust
Rita's action in Photoshop or PSE:
I really like the peachy-pink color in the original photos:
 I tried moving the black and white slider on the action
to the left and a hint of gorgeous color blushed through into the photo.
 I think it looks SO beautiful and vintage!

And, just so I don't totally miss color in a black and white portrait,
I created five Pastel Haze Overlays to use over
black and white photos to add a
glimmer of color.
To download the Pastel Haze Overlays CLICK HERE
These overlays are transparent.
In Photoshop or PSE, use the Gossamer Wings Action
to change a photo to Black and White.
Click File then Place and navigate to the
pastel overlay you want to use and click on it.
Stretch the overlay over your photo.
You can lower the opacity if you want.
I like to create a layer mask and remove some
of the overlay from the subject.
(Or just use the eraser tool.)


  1. For some reason your video is not working. Would love to see it, is there something I need to do to watch it on my Win 7 PC computer?

  2. The link is active and working. If you are having a problem viewing on your computer, try watching the video on Youtube. Here's the link: