Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas Card Portraits

My studio has been like Santa's workshop in November...
I adore shooting Christmas portraits, so I collect lots of
Christmas clothing and props throughout the year from thrift stores.
I always shoot against a white background so I can add my own
bokeh, wallpaper or anything I want!
To read how to create a simple white board for shooting CLICK HERE.
I love to style the photos using my thrift store props.
The kids really enjoy it, too...especially when they go home with some goodies!
You can be extremely elaborate with your sets....or...
Keep it very simple.
I also love shooting in front of a white board because
it makes it very easy to extract my subject and...
Move them into an outdoor background!   I sell outdoor backgrounds in my
That's also what I did with this cute photo of 3-year-old Ila.
This background with the snow-laden trees is in my Etsy Shop .
Ila is getting a new baby sister in April.  Her parents wanted to
announce the impending arrival in their Christmas card!
I am having so much fun with the angel wings png I also sell in my Etsy Shop!
I also sell all the Christmas bokeh backgrounds you see in this blog post in my Etsy Shop.
Rita from CoffeeShop Blog made this fabulous digital paper
with the red cardinals.  I purposely styled these next two photos
to go with the paper!
Rita has made a ton of wonderful new papers, that will be
available for free all through the holidays, so check her blog often.
You can also pick up my Snow Overlay Set in my Etsy Shop.
This set of five exclusive snow overlays are all you will ever need!
Many times, the simple poses are the best for Christmas cards!
Whenever I photograph people in winter outerwear, I have them wear
gloves or mittens.   It really finishes the look.
I have been doing Christmas card portraits with Miss Emma since
she was born!  She has gotten so good at posing...such a natural.
Here is another one of Rita's pretty holiday papers!
I love hats and hair flowers!
To learn how to make them, watch my video tutorial.
I hope this gives you some ideas for your own Christmas card portraits!

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