Sunday, June 26, 2016

White Background Portrait Idea

The idea for this Vintage Val summer photo shoot came to me in
a dream vision which often happens to me with photography!

In the dream, I saw Vintage Val standing on a white background with
the bowl of cherries and various weather vectors.

Life really is a Bowl of Cherries!

When I awoke from the dream, my mind gushed with more
ideas for this shoot and it was especially great because
I had already purchased this cherry dress for a summer shoot with Val.

I had to pay $23 for that bowl of cherries!
That's actually cheap because it is cherry season here in Michigan.

We shot these in my garage against a roll of
white paper.  It was rather narrow, so I tried to keep her with
white behind her.

Then I cut her out of this photo and moved her
onto a plain white background.

It really was a quick and easy shoot done right in the garage!
I love the vision showing various weather conditions.

I had my photo pal Lucy use the mini leaf blower on her
hair for the windy photo.

First I took this photo with the hair blowing,

Then I took another photo with Lucy blowing her dress back,
and composited the two photos into this:

There are so many things you can do with this technique
using free vectors you can find on sites such as Pixabay.

The white background is great even if you don't use vectors!

This is a fun technique with children especially for making
cards or invitations!

Simply photograph your child against a white wall and follow my
video tutorial to learn how to cut out and move them to another background

You can also add text!
I show you how in this video tutorial.

I think these are light and airy for summer...
so enjoy playing with this portrait idea
that came to me in a dream for me to SHARE!


  1. Sometimes a leaf blower is so helpful for thing like this

  2. She is very beautiful in this dress