Sunday, August 13, 2017

Capturing MOMENTS with your Cell Phone

If you are attending an event with your I-phone camera,
you can capture some wonderful memories!
I brought my I-Phone 6s Plus to our county fair
and have some great tips for capturing
MOMENTS in time with your phone.
Most people point their phone camera and shoot without much
thought to what they are capturing.
Instead, look for the MOMENTS!
I went to the fair all alone.  I didn't know any
of these people I photographed. 
But even if I did...It's best to study
what is happening around you.
Rather than posing people, really look to see what they are doing naturally.
I saw this older gent sitting on the bench next to his horse.
I really liked the setting...the gear hanging from the wall behind him,
the long bench, the backlight from the open barn door.
I composed my shot and focused with my phone camera
then watched and waited.
When he put his hand on his hat...I recognized a
I didn't luck out to get that shot...I waited for it.
It's worth the wait!
While you're waiting, look for interesting composition.
What can you include in the photo.
Is there a unique angle you can try?
Rather than have someone pose...
capture them as they are actually doing something.
Most people would have this little girl stand in front of
the pig pen and say, "CHEESE"!
I chose to capture her true delight watching the piggies.
I-Phones work great in low light.
Look for interesting lighting situations.
Shoot some wide shots:

And, go in for some close-ups:

I used my Moment Telephoto Lens for most of
my shots which is excellent for street photography
like I was doing at the fair.
It allowed me to get excellent shots without
the creep factor of getting too close!
It let me to capture these horse photos
much closer than I could have gotten without the lens.
The I-Phone 7 Plus has the telephoto lens built in to the camera...
I want that!!!

So, the BIG thing is to look for interesting happenings,
compose and focus..
WAIT for the MOMENTS...
then CLICK!
Your I-phone photos will be much
more interesting
and memorable.


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  1. Those are amazing. Thanks for sharing your lens attachment - I was wondering how close you had to get to people to get such sharp photos...