Monday, August 27, 2018

Summer Portraits

It's August, and summer is beginning to fade.

One highlight of my summer is the amazing wildflowers that 
grew up to my shoulder along our nearby walking path!

I had a vision for that photo above, with Miss Ella's arms reaching wide
trying to capture summer's magic!

Look at the height of those flowers, and these are walking distance from my house!

Here's a little behind-the-scenes video
from this photo shoot with Ella:

I had fun with some purchased butterfly overlays.

I decided to make my own butterfly overlay using beautiful photos from Pixabay!

Since they were free to me...I want my butterflies overlay to be free to YOU!

Click here to download my free butterflies overlay!

I ended up doing three photo shoots among the lovely wildflowers!

I made my kind daughter pose for me before she flew off on her
summer adventure to Alaska! 

Thanks, Sweetie!  
I know you were supposed to be packing,
but I love photos of my baby!

Look how tall the flowers are!

Find the last of the summer flowers in your area and
add the whimsical butterflies overlay!

I hate to say goodbye to SUMMER!

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