Sunday, February 3, 2019

Valentine Photography Ideas

I hope you like pink and a bit of red!

I had a ball photographing for Valentine's Day this year!

I began early, because I was shooting for my creative friend Terri's
amazing blog Champagne and Grace

Head over there for more Valentine Love ♥

Then she posed for ME!

I really love when I have a model because it 
adds life to photos...even if you just use body parts...ha ha!

I found these AMAZING cookies already baked and decorated at Target...LOVE!

I left up my white Christmas tree with the pink lights
to use for bokeh in Valentine photos.

It's really great if you can get your child or
a friend to pose for you.

I created the extra sparkle with fairy lights that run on batteries!

You can find these everywhere including Target, Michael's, and I saw them at Kohl's.

Target has all kinds of wonderful seasonal props in their 
dollar bins as you walk in the door.  

These wooden hearts were a dollar and they have little clips on the back:

This cute heart mug was $3!

I went wild shooting that gorgeous
pink cake!

I am such a PINK girl!!!

Are you seeing all the fairy light
bokeh in these photos!

I found this heart-shaped plate and mug
at the thrift store for pennies!

That is a valentine PEEP in the cup!

Shot this on my snow table with the Target cookies.

Write in a greeting to share on your social platforms.

I also painstakingly made these cookies...
darn, I'm missing an artistic gene for that kind of work,
but I still like how they look in photos!

Get out your camera and create something 
special for Valentine's Day!

Make cards, or simple greetings you share
via email or on social media.

Much LOVE to you this Valentine's Day!

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