Monday, May 7, 2012

Hair Pretties in Portraits

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As I shared in my last post, I am into
STYLING portraits.

I noticed many of my clients would show up in jeans
and a faded top and want portraits taken with flowers
or in nature.  The clothing just didn't match the environment.
So I look for pretty dresses and outfits at thrift stores.

I also love HAIR in portraits.  Curled hair is my favorite for women
and lately, I've gone crazy for hairbands and barrettes.

They add a wonderful color pop and interest to the portrait.

My kitchen table was cluttered most of winter...
the glue gun always plugged in....waiting.

It all started with this big bag of scrap ribbon, lace, and other
pretty adornments I found at a thrift store for 2-bucks.

My mind went haywire with thoughts of the
hair pieces I could make with these cheap scraps of goodies.

I have quite a collection now...and trying to
get every color. 

I show them to the gals before their senior picture shoots,
and they love wearing them.

I bought that blue dress at a thrift store and thought it would really
bring out Caitlin's blue eyes.

I LOVE a styled photo.
(She came to my house in jeans and a faded top!)

She brought her boyfriend to the photo session, so I
styled him to match and snapped a few couple photos.

While cleaning out drawers for our upcoming garage sale,
I was going to sell two black, patterned belts.

Instead, I used them to make rolled ribbon roses for this headband. 
Here's the video tutorial I watched on how to make them.

I was SOOO happy when lovely brunette Jenna let me
style her in black and she wore the headband!

The styling MAKES the portrait!

Yep, that black dress is another thrift store find!

The head pieces have been lots of fun
with children and babies, too....even though
many rip them off immediatly!

I even glued matching flowers onto baby panties...oh, yah, the panties
were from the thrift store, too...just 9-CENTS!!!

My most recent find is a tutorial on how to make
these satin flowers.  Simply cut varying sized
circles out of satin and SINGE the edges with
a lighter.  Here's how to singe the edges to make
them curl up.

I also take apart fake flowers I buy at the dollar store,
and hot glue the petals into a stack.

I add special touches to the centers...things like
buttons, old earrings, pearls...stuff I also find at
thrift stores!  NO need to spend a lot to make some
fabulous head pieces.

I hope you are inspired to make some of these
simple hair pieces for your next portrait shoot.

They really give your portraits that special touch!



  1. Lovely portraits and what a great idea. LOve your collection.

  2. More beautiful portraits - love them!

  3. These are all so lovely! Great portraits! The accessories are wonderful. I too, love styled portraits.

  4. Pretty headpieces aside, these are some fabulous portraits. Such inspiration!

  5. Beautiful portraits and what a fantastic idea! I love the shot of Caitlin with the blue headband and those beautiful blue eyes. Just stunning.

  6. how fun! and great thrift store finds!

  7. Gorgeous. So beautiful.

  8. I love love LOVE that second photo. So beautiful! The headbands make such a difference in all these shots! I also adore the close up shot of Caitlin in the blue headband with her blue eyes on the camera! stunning work!

  9. I love these. I would always be less than thrilled with my girl's pics until I started accessorizing their hair more before snapping away. I always love the images I get when they are gussied up a bit.

  10. My you have been busy, lovely idea to have an accessory wardrobe ready and waiting.

  11. Beautiful blog. You're very talented.

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog Ms Jill!!! I miss you! WOW! I have missed a lot from my absence!I absolutely love your photos!!! I have been so busy I forgot about taking pictures. Haha. I am just so busy lately. But I am coming back soon. I love your hair accessories. I used to make them too as favors for birthdays, baptisms, etc. I started a craft blog, which again failed to keep up with. I posted a couple of my handmade accessories. Will catch up soon Ms Jill!

  13. I´ve just become your 200th follower :-) Your blog is a never ending source of inspiration! I thought about creating these hairbands myself in the past, but now that I read this blog post, I´ll also try to build up a "collection" of all colors as you did! Great idea!
    Thanks a lot!