Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Styling Portraits

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Recently, I photographed Kimberlee who was
nine months pregnant.  For days, the weather was not cooperating,
but we finally had to shoot on a chilly, blustery day because the
baby was due any moment.

Indeed, baby James was born four days later!

Kimberlee brought along her husband Greg and they were both
wearing normal clothing like sweaters and jeans. 

I wanted the photos to be special, so I asked the couple if they
would wear some of my vintage clothing. 
(Rats!  I should have had Greg remove his tennis shoes!)

Kimberlee and Greg are both dancers and used to costumes,
so they were wonderful and said they would wear anything
I wanted them to wear!

I have shared before that I frequent thrift stores to find these
vintage clothing pieces for a few bucks.

Staging portraits with specific clothing, props, blankets,
furniture, etc. is what makes them special.

I even dressed daughter Hayden in a white cotton slip dress
with a Heartstrings sweater I found at a thrift store for...
drum roll here....30-cents!

The photos look so lovely and serene...

You would never guess it was only 53-degrees...

And, we were all FREEZING!

They were such good sports, and because we paid attention
to the details....they will cherish these shots for a lifetime.

For Hayden's photo below, I brought along an apple basket, but
also matched up her sweater with a fluffy green rug.

I love that the sweater is falling off her shoulder...can't have
things TOO perfect...I like it to look natural.
Well, STAGED natural..ha ha!

Hayden, at only 18 months old, soon got fussy.

We were all COLD...

And, DONE!

I will be writing more about styling portraits in
the upcoming weeks.


  1. These really came out beautiful & couldn't have made it happen at a better time.

  2. What a glorious photo shoot! Bravo. They make me smile, and yes, you're right, never a hint of chilly weather. Joining you from live love and travel

  3. these are so pretty and dreamy! i love her headband and the overall feel and style of this shoot!

  4. These photos are gorgeous, and you could always "cover " the tennis shoes with the blanket. Lovely!

  5. You can feel the blustery day! What a beautiful family you photographed. Love the shots!

  6. These are stunning photos, Jill! I'm sure this family will cherish them always!

  7. Oh how fun that you had such pretty vintage clothes on hand! Love it.

  8. These are so pretty and fun. Love the vintage feel. What a sweet family too!

  9. So beautiful. Love these.

  10. Beautiful shoot! Love the clothing. It does make it extra special. Bravo to you! Thanks for joining the Leap into Spring Challenge!