Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Portrait Poses

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Spring is always a CRAZY....BUSY time of
year for me with my portrait business.
Here in Michigan, the flowering trees were the prettiest I have ever seen
this year, but they only last a few weeks.
So my mind was on overload with portrait ideas I wanted
to accomplish before we lost the pretty flowering trees.
Olivia was a dream surrounded by spring splendor.
Pretty girls and PINK are perfect with the
apple blossoms.
I love when girls book spring for senior portraits.
Pretty Kayla!
I found this wide-brimmed hat at a thrift store and
envisioned this shot right at the store.
Tara was the perfect beauty to carry this off with her
matching turquoise eyes.
I walk a trail near our home and was fascinated by
the thousands of yellow dandelions in the field.
I picked a bunch and made a dandelion head wreathe...
which was perfect for laid-back Danielle.
I loved the dandelions so much,
and was super excited to photograph twins
Eli and Ashton when the dandelions were in full YELLOW!
OMG, they were CUTE!
When the dandelions turned into puff balls...I was
crazed again...envisioning portraits.
I was also picturing portraits with bubbles,
and researched all kinds of long-lasting formulas and bought
a variety of bubble wands.
                                   I learned that photographing kids and bubbles is stressful.
This shoot with adorable sisters took
two hours and two locations. 
Thanks, Macie and Emmie for making it FUN despite
the mosquitos!
I wasn't finished with bubbles...I wanted to try it
with a younger child and capture
the natural wonder of bubbles.
I stayed far away so Fiona wouldn't notice me
and my camera. 
Yes, I'm TIRED after my busy spring...
but no rest for the weary.
Summer is HERE...with so many possibilities!

1 comment:

  1. Wow!!!!! Beauty sure does have an ideal state. Even a forlorn soul can find peace and hope visiting your blogs' page. The pictures and accompanying words ferries the mind along a path of serenity. For a prolonged moment, on your page, one forgets that we live in a hopeless world.

    Thank you.

    It was almost three years ago, that you encouraged me to start blogging, to air my thoughts in writing, to embrace my love for written words by sharing my thoughts with an audience.

    Hmm, how much I failed, self, a hopeful audience and the giver of gifts.

    When you started, how did you motivate yourself to carry-on, even with all the noise that comes with daily living? How did you stay the course?

    Please, do share some thoughts..