Friday, May 17, 2013

The PINK Dressing Table

If you read my blog with any regularity,
you know I LOVE to style my portraits.
Portrait ideas enter my head and I can't get them out
until I create them.
The idea for these pretty spring portraits came
when I found my daughter's old dressing table
buried in the basement.
The idea to paint it PINK popped into my head.
So I dragged it to the backyard and even though I
have NO patience for painting and usually do a crummy job...
I managed to spray paint it favorite color.
I knew through the magic of Photoshop,
I could change it to any color I want.
Learn how to change the color of an object in Photoshop by watching my
I tried it in all the colors...what FUN!
First, here's the original in pink:
Look at all the pretty colors!

 I waited...and waited for the Spring trees to blossom.
My son helped me haul the table to my friend's
beautiful field with pretty flowering trees.
This is Miss Emma...15 months old and
SOOO adorable by the pink dressing table.
While the dressing table was still in the field,
I quickly scheduled another photo shoot before
the tree dropped its flowers.
Meet Princess McKenna...
And her charming prince brother Jonas.
Are they a fairy tale come true or WHAT????
Princely Jonas just liked checking out the drawers.
I'm a bit pooped from all this pomp...
but I was so happy to fulfill my visions
with the pink dressing table!
Try doing some fun color-swaps yourself.