Sunday, May 24, 2015

Senior Portraits Beyond the Ordinary

Senior portrait season has begun and if you are
a professional photographer shooting senior sessions or
if you just want to create unique photos of someone,
this is the blog post for you.
Of course,  I take the typical
photos from various distances and angles.


But, with seniors...I always try to capture their
interests, talents or activities in a few portraits.
This is where I go beyond the ordinary!
I really tap my own creativity to
 capture my seniors in a special way a beautiful photo!
I always ask the senior these important questions:
What is your passion?
What do you LOVE to do?
What talent to you want to capture in a photo?
Allie was on the swim we borrowed my
neighbor's pool for this next portrait.
I actually saw this pose in a vision and I saw her
curled hair floating in the water.
When she got into the pool, I had her slowly
lower her body into the water, and sure enough,
her hair floated as I saw in the vision!
Abbie plays the saxophone.  I had her come back another day in the morning
to capture this photo in a field of Queen Anne's Lace.
Nick wanted his vintage yellow car in some photos:
I love to try out different perspectives!
Chris wanted his SUV.  I really push my creativity to
think of poses that are NOT ORDINARY!

Emilee wanted to wear her prom dress:
Yes, I took the typical photos of Christian, BUT...

I also waited for sunset to capture this special
portrait of him playing his beloved soccer.
I was lying flat on my back for this photo.

I did the same thing for Alyssa who is on the pom pom squad:

Silhouette shots look great in senior collages!
I actually went to the baseball stadium for this shot of
catcher Hunter:
We also shot on several farms for Sarah...
And, another Sarah:
Jenna was on the track I created a progression composite.
Watch my video tutorial to learn how to do this in Photoshop and PSE.
 I challenge you to think up a different, creative
portrait for your senior...
then share it with ME on Facebook!


  1. Hello,
    Photos are so beautiful. I can only wish to pick up and learn to be half the photographer you are!! Jealous not hating ;0) God Bless

  2. Thanks so much, Christine! You CAN learn and grow by following my many tutorials. I want to help other photographers expand their creativity!