Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Pretty Floral Chair

Morning is my favorite time of day and I especially
love shooting still-life photos with a low morning sun streaming
gorgeous light into the scene.
This week, I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning,
and decided to haul my favorite floral chair to a field
and photograph it in full morning glory.
The chair is so pretty in the photo, you would never know it was
a musty old chair I found at the thrift store!
When my eyes landed on this beauty from across the thrift store,
I KNEW it was MINE!
My heart pummeled as I hurried over to the chair,
worried somebody would snatch it up before I could reach it.
Not to worry....NOBODY was noticing this lovely treasure.
If you could see this in's not so lovely.
It's actually made from vinyl!  I think it's from circa 1959
and likely hid in somebody's basement for years.
I had to wipe away dirt and cobwebs from my
$15 thrift store treasure.
But, I KNEW it would photograph beautifully
and it DOES!
It's perfect for little girl shoots!


Photography is very forgiving of a less-than-perfect
paint job, outfit or old chair.

So, keep your eyes alert to photo props at the
thrift store.
Forgive a few imperfections....
in a may be PERFECT!


  1. Oh gosh-that is a pretty darling chair indeed.

  2. Oh gosh, that is a pretty darling chair indeed.
    Love it!!!

  3. I love this chair and had no idea it wasn't fabric! Vinyl is great because you can wipe it clean. ;-)