Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rainy Day Photos

Don't let a summer rain get in the way of
practicing your photography!
To prepare for a rainy day, buy yourself a rain cover for
your camera.
I have this one that I got for only $15 on this link.
If it's raining hard, set out a dish on your back patio.
I used the top of my grill because it is a delightful RED!
Use a FAST shutter...200 or above to capture the drops as they
hit the water.
Also use a deep depth of field..try an aperture of f8
to keep things in focus.

The one strange thing about's very hard to photograph
it falling!   It was raining hard when I took this next photo.
But you can barely see the streaks in the dark green tree area.
So, I added some fun, whimsical rain in Photoshop.
I show you how in my video tutorial.
You can download my rain brush for free CLICK HERE
This technique works well when it's cloudy and gloomy,
but you prefer to shoot when it's not raining.
I even added some SPLASHES...
I got the splash brushes by midnightstouch, from Deviant Art.
CLICK HERE  to download the splash brushes for free!
So, if it rains this summer and your kids are bored...
photograph them in the rain!

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  1. some great creative ideas! Great shots of this little sweetie