Sunday, June 21, 2015

Daisy Portraits

June is such a happy month when we finally have
sunshine and DAISIES...what I consider the sunniest flower!

They only last a few weeks, so I have been busy capturing the
simplicity of daisies.

I found a hand-smocked yellow dress at the thrift store
and KNEW it would go with a daisy shoot.
But it photographed almost white.

So, I painted in some yellow on the dress in this next shot.
Watch my video tutorial to see how to do this,
and how to control your yellows in Photoshop and PSE. 

Simple clothes seem to go with this simple flower.

I make head wreaths from thrift store flowers.  You can
also make one from fresh daisies!
We added a few fresh daisies in this head wreath.

Running shots really show the field of daisies.

Shoot with as wide an aperture as you can to make the
daisies blur in the background and foreground.  I used f2.8
For two people this close together, I narrowed to f.3.5

We have a wonderful walking path near my house
and that's where I shoot all my wildflower portraits.
Every week seems to add a new variety.

In editing, play around with color saturation...
I like both bright
and subtle color.

I hope you can find some daisies growing near you
and take advantage of the sunny June flowers!

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  1. Great post Jill! I am jealous you live so close to such beauty. Gorgeous images!