Sunday, June 28, 2015

Adding Pretty New Skies

One of the fastest and prettiest ways to add a pop of WOW
to your photos is to switch out the sky!

When photographing portraits, I am always setting exposure
for the face, so often...especially with backlighting,
the sky will be blown out and look white.

I keep a folder of beautiful sky photos and simply
place them into the white sky.

If the sky isn't totally white, I actually paint it white
so the clouds from the sky overlay are bright white.

This original sunset photo has a lovely dark blue sky,
but you can add more pizzazz with a new sky!

Be on the look out for beautiful evening skies and sunsets
and keep the photos in your sky folder.

I pretty much replace all my skies in portraits!

You can add drama, or just dreamy color with a new sky.

To learn how to add a new sky and blend it correctly with your photo
Watch my Video Tutorial.

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