Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vintage Val Summer 2015

I always look forward to my Vintage Val season portrait shoots.

For Summer of 2015
I found a vintage red and white polka dot 50's bikini on Ebay
and styled the shoot around that.

I had fun collecting all the props from
thrift stores and a few from Target.

We did the shoot at my neighbor's pool about 6pm
in mid-July.

I loved using my fun props!

I wanted a red label vintage bottle of Coke 
and was delighted to find it in my grocery store.
Coke started selling in the famed bottles again in 2010.

I think Val should be in a Coca Cola ad!

When Val was on vacation in New Orleans in June,
she bought this pretty parasol just for this shoot!

I love her parasol!!!

My neighbor Ginny has a Tiki Bar by her pool!

Ginny's son Trent was cutting the grass while we were shooting,
so we asked if he could be Val's 'Cabana Boy' .

What a hunk!

I found this great hat and red heart sunglasses on Ebay.

Finally, it was time
to venture into the pool.

The one problem I had with editing is the
bathing suit photographed as hot pink.

You can see the difference between the hat 
and suit color in this photo.

I had to turn the suit and float to red in Photoshop
for every photo because I want the suit to be RED.

Watch my video tutorial to learn how to
change or adjust the color of an object.

After these 'dry' shots....
we took the PLUNGE and
 shot a series of UNDERWATER portraits!

CLICK HERE to see the underwater shots and learn how
to shoot underwater.

Bring your camera to the pool and get some fun summer shots!


  1. I love your Vintage Val Shoot, and I agree she should do a Coke ad. Your props and bathing suit are perfect. I always look forward to your creative ideas with Vintage Val.
    The underwater shoot is amazing.
    Great Job Jill

  2. Great pictures! I love your photo style!

  3. Jill, I love this new Vintage Val photo shoot! Val is GORGEOUS and your images are perfect. I love them so much. And Trent IS a hunk. We need a lawn man. ;-)