Sunday, October 25, 2015

Examples of Aperture and Depth-of-Field

I wanted to show you some examples of how you can use your
wonderful new knowledge of focus points and aperture to
determine your depth-of-field.
CLICK HERE to read my blog post about how this all works together.
I was just on an amazing Fall color tour of the M-22 corridor in Michigan,
voted the prettiest Autumn stretch of highway in the country by Good Morning America.
Let me tell you, it's TRUE!!!!  Mind-boggling beauty and color!
I knew I would be writing this blog post, so I purposely isolated
items in my photos by using focus points to show you examples.
We stopped at a farmer's stand by the side of the road.
Are you beginning to see what you can do with this knowledge of
aperture and focus points?
YOU get to pick where to focus and let the camera turn the rest to ART!
This pretty red barn with the Fall colors attracted me!
Notice, I focused on the barn reflection in the window
rather than focusing on the window, so the window frame blurred.
Your focus tells people where to look in your photo.
I wanted to focus on the asparagus weeds because they were a gorgeous yellow,
so I isolated them from the background with focus and depth-of-field:
By isolating the flowers in this next photo, the people blur in an artistic way!
I hope these examples give you a better understanding of my
tutorial about focus points, aperture and depth-of-field.
Now it's just a matter of you getting out there with your
camera and practicing the techniques over and over.
Soon you will be creating wonderful ART!

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